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A Course in Marigolds
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A Course in Marigolds

The Classic Garden Parody
First printed in 1988, A Course in Marigolds is an original and hilarious parody of A Course in Miracles, the classic spiritual text described as 'Christian Vedanta'.

From 1977 to 1988 Michael set the Miracles principles to music through the Heavensong Music Ministry. Ultimately unsatisfied with popular interpretations, he stumbled upon a highly unusual esoteric viewpoint, writing this strange little edition in the course of one long feverish night, driving readers crazy ever since.

Since its first publication, Marigolds has bemused, confounded, irritated, and scored a direct hit upon the funny bone of thousands of Course students and Sunday gardeners from San Francisco to San Jose. Whereas A Course in Miracles guides the student from spiritual confusion to clarity, A Course in Marigolds leads unsuspecting readers from happy normalcy to the brink of insanity.

Once again available as an E-Book, A Course in Marigolds will surely occupy a cherished folder upon a remote, dust-strewn shelf of your cyber-library.

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