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Voices of the Heart
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Voices of the Heart

Choral Chants of Devotion
(1986) Choral chants evoke inner temples and ancient lands. An honoring of the Spirit of God in many paths. Includes the first recording of "Heart of the Mother", voted 'Chant of the Year' in 2005, along with an Aramaic rendition of the Lord's Prayer and the pastoral chant, 'Song Universal'. An adagio inspired by Bach's Prelude in C is also included.

Produced by Michael and Maloah for Heavensong, Voices of the Heart remains a classic of contemporary spiritual music. This recording continues to hold a special place in the sacred music collections of listeners everywhere. An innocence and ardor infuses the chants, reawakening primal memories of an undeniable connection.

Total Time: 39:12

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Heart of the Mother Listen to Clip Price: $1.98
Alleluia We Praise Listen to Clip Price: $.98
Our Father Listen to Clip Price: $1.98
Shores of Forever Listen to Clip Price: $.98
Peace Be To You Listen to Clip Price: $1.98
Song Universal Listen to Clip Price: $1.98
Unspoken Prayer Listen to Clip Price: $.98