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Songs for Birthing and Creativity
(1995) Intuitive songs, dedicated to gentle birthing, with songs for each participant and relationship in the birthing partnership: the mother, father, baby, and attendants. Michael's guitar and voice blend in a prayer of invitation and celebration, recorded as the songs are being created.

Produced by Bethany Hays, M.D., obstetrician with Women to Women Clinic in Yarmouth, Maine, this recording relaxes and inspires the best birthing possible. Recommended for expecting couples; makes an excellent shower gift. Also effective for rebirthing and connecting with one's inner child, as well as enhancing creativity.

You may elect to have Michael record your own personal healing songs through SongCare.

Total Time: 56:25

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Mother of All Listen to Clip Price: $.98
Simply Surrender Listen to Clip Price: $.98
Circle the World With Your Arms Listen to Clip Price: $.98
The River Flows Listen to Clip Price: $.98
Bearer of Good Tidings Listen to Clip Price: $1.98
Simply Surrender (Reprise) Listen to Clip Price: $.98
I Will Love You Forever Listen to Clip Price: $1.98
Let Me Love You Now Listen to Clip Price: $1.98
Everywhere A Child Is Born Listen to Clip Price: $1.98
Prayer of Thanksgiving Listen to Clip Price: $.98