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I enjoyed the workshop and the singing with you and all the others of the group very much. There was so much blessing and healing. I could remember how much healing the voice can bring when we sing the song of our soul.

-Heidi D., participant, Munich, Germany

to take a healing bath in the song sanctuary...
I was deeply touched and impressed in experiencing this flow, this releasing and connecting to the real self in everyone
in such an easy way...

-Andrea D., participant, Munich, Germany

At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which connects us to everything else.

-George Leonard

We are still deeply moved and touched beyond connect everybody with their love inside, the moment he starts with just a few fingertips on the guitar. Intellect melts away and heart opens automatically. Singing is still happening ... with tears in our eyes.

-Uwe B., participant, Munich, Germany

I´m deeply touched by every honoring song, especially the song you sang for me-
which seems like a permanent bell
ringing in a new step in my life.

To experience this calm moment without any effort on my part is like touching heaven
and bringing it down to my life now.
Thank you for holding this big space,
which enables one to feel what is possible-
the most beautiful moment with music
I ever experienced in this life.

-AK participant, Templehof, Germany



As a wildlife sanctuary is designed to protect its natural occupants
from the threat of hunters, Song Sanctuary was developed as a
non-judgmental habitat free from the 'hunter' of self-criticism.

Song Sanctuary is a workshop environment where one's natural being
can flourish and where one can embrace and share the 'music' of who they are.

Through a series of partner and group exercises participants are invited to come to peace with their unique way of expression, gently encouraged to reconnect to their natural voice.

A no-pressure atmosphere invites the clear and present possibility for healing recovery, creative discovery and transformational breakthrough. Relaxing and challenging, contemplative and exhilarating, Song Sanctuary is about self-acceptance rather than performance.

Program elements include ChantWave, SongSourcing, The Honoring and 'In Search of The Great Song' Film Series (elements may vary depending on program length.) One way to share Song Sanctuary begins with a Friday evening Chantwave followed by one or two days of seminar, with film screenings either on Friday or Saturday evening (or both).

Song Sanctuary: The Elements


Singing from the heart as a practice to feel connected to one's essential being and each other. Since ancient times, group singing of sacred or meaningful lyrics helps shift awareness 'from head to heart', enjoyed together with others. The program combines music, song, chant, spoken word and silence in a way that honors our connected Spirit.

(May We All Return from ChantWave at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco)

A practice of presence using spontaneous sound and song. Developed over twenty years as a highly effective expressive arts method, SongSourcing helps us reclaim our inherent free spirit while experiencing a greater ease in expressing one's self while cultivating empathy.

(Introduction to SongSourcing method)

The Honoring
Original songs, intuitive and healing, are created spontaneously by Michael to reflect themes which participants provide. The inherent value of each one present is recognized, as well as each person's capacity to help others remember this. The power of presence and intention echo through new choruses sung by the group. Songs are recorded for all to receive as a remembrance of the experience.

(Excerpts from songs created/recorded during The Honoring)

In Search of The Great Song Film Series

Contemplative films are often featured in Song Sanctuary, providing a multi-sensory experience with new perspectives highlighting the interaction between creativity, song, healing and spirit.

In Search of The Great Song explores and celebrates the inherent connection to an underlying, universal creative 'pulse', emerging and expressing individually and uniquely by everyone and everything. At the same time, we investigate the epidemic-scale phenomena throughout both the world- people afraid to sing, or express their creative self, unless they believe it is 'perfect'.

The Series intention is to reduce the feeling of separation by inspiring creativity and encouraging expression, as well as to recognize the universality of 'the Great Song' in all people and all life.

(Soundtrack sample from In Search of the Great Song.
For more about the films, visit our film site.

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