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SongLife Training Online: Intuitive SongMaking (seven-week series)

Zoom Online Event

Expand your creative musical horizons with a contemporary master of intuitive songmaking. Available for the first time this September, those interested in deepening their own capacity for intuitive songmaking are invited to join Michael in a seven-week master class. This program provides tools and techniques,...


SongLife Training Online: Songwriting & ChantMaking (seven week series)

Zoom Online Event

Develop your songwriting and chantmaking skills with a celebrated innovator and recording artist in the field of universal chant. For fifty years, across the contemporary spiritual singing landscape of America, Europe and Australia, Stillwater's songs and chants have been sung and recorded in countless gatherings.  An award-winning songwriter with a...


SongLife Training Online: Guitar Artistry (seven week series)

Zoom Online Event

Develop your technique on the instrument; learn variations of accompaniment for your own singing and songmaking; further your songleading capacity. Sail beyond standard strumming chords with melodic and soul-stirring finger-picking patterns suitable for inspiring songwriting and intuitive songmaking. Chord patterns to be taught from Michael's...


Song Sanctuary Retreat- Assisi

Monastero San Andrea Assisi, Umbria

English: Our retreats offer a balance of both inner and outer experiences. A typical retreat day includes contemplation and meditation, group activities including skill building, creative exploration and singing, along with time for reflection and relaxation. Included throughout the week are visits to key sites from the lives of...