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What you provide is what we need
to sustain ourselves in
incredibly difficult

Mark Grace
, Director of Pastoral Care
Baylor Healthcare System, Dallas, TX


Healthcare staff from throughout Cleveland were honored to have Michael Stillwater present Care for the Journey and evaluations were overwhelmingly excellent! In addition, Michael presented an afternoon program for one of our partnering hospices with equally awe-inspiring experiences. We can highly recommend this presentation to you and your organizations!

Pamela Maidens
Director of Mission & Ministry
Catholic Community Care

Engaging audiences across America and Europe, Stillwater's presence, words, films and original music re-affirm the innate connection between inner dreams and professional purpose.

Weaving soul and wit, humor and heart, he meets listeners with respect
and leaves them uplifted and inspired.

Stillwater's presentation combines powerful speaking with live music and compelling audio-visuals. He often follows a keynote address with an integrative workshop.

If you are scheduling a conference or other program in healthcare, palliative care, aging, spirituality or creativity, Michael brings a quality of presence, depth, and artistry both timely and memorable for your audience.

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Topics Include:

The Great Song of You
Reconnecting to the Majesty of Your Own Music

In Presence Renewed:
Sustaining Inspired Vocation in the Healing Arts

Grace In Practice:
Music & Intentional Spoken Word for Reducing Anxiety & Promoting a Healing Experience

Last Questions First:
The Art of Finding Meaning in the Moment

Perspective in Practice:
Cultivating Effective Attitudes in End-of-Life Care

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