ChantWave is a practice of singing to remember who we are when we ‘get out of the way’. The result can be a feeling of connection to the source of life, to ourselves, and to each other. The practice of vocalizing chants and songs of sacred or healing lyrics, to shift from a ‘head consciousness’ to a ‘heart consciousness’, is an ancient tradition with contemporary interpretation.

“Michael has created a most accessible journey.
All we have to do is jump on board and take the ride.”

-Deva Premal and Miten, Recording Artists

ChantWave provides participants with a sense of peace within themselves while feeling connected within a community of individuals.

Hosted by Inner Harmony founder Michael Stillwater, ChantWave often includes other musicians and songleaders skilled in the art of supporting community singing experiences and is held in community centers, concert halls, churches, schools, and other places where people gather.

“Michael Stillwater’s songs create a portal into the vibration of loving kindness itself.
The music invites you to open your heart and let out your own song of life.”

-Claire Victor, Music Director, CSL, Santa Rosa, CA


The ‘wave’ in ChantWave refers to the way in which feelings may be less restricted, and to an energetic dynamic encompassing both the shadows of our soul and the radiance of our light. ChantWave is also part of a greater ‘wave’ sweeping the world in the early 21st century, as more people are finding the power of chant to be undeniably healing and heartfully appealing.

The Power of the Chant

The word ‘enchantment’ has its roots in ‘chant’. Everytime we sing a repeated phrase, we are ‘enchanting’ or entraining ourselves. Writers of radio jingles know this fact, and are skilled in creating indelible melodies that we can’t get out of our head. Thus it’s important to be aware of what we are chanting and choosing to align with those words- or not.


One Spirit, Many Names

At ChantWave, lyrics are aligned with a universal spirituality honoring many traditions within an overarching awareness of One Spirit by Many Names. We chant to awaken from the dream of separation, and to have an embodied remembrance of our innate mystical connection.

There are two basic themes of ChantWave chorus lyrics- those which acknowledge our underlying Self as One, accepting the union between our individuality and the great I AM- and songs which refer to a devotional, loving relationship with Great Spirit, with Thou.

Verses acknowledging challenging circumstances we pass through, often intensified by an underlying resistance to a Greater Plan for our lives, honor the human in us. The recognition of such a Plan, or yearning for the peace that such a Plan would provide as we do recognize it- is the chorus which the songs return to.

A Stillwater Treasury of Chant songbook is now available.

Background Story

Beginning in 1974, drawing upon the practice of eastern Bhajan and Kirtan, Michael cultivated the art of western contemporary chanting. Together with Maloah Stillwater he offered The Miracle Singing Experience and The Heavensong Celebration from 1978 to 1989 in California and Hawaii.

A contemporary musical form designed for community fellowship and universal worship, ChantWave encompasses a wide range of dynamics and reflects both contemplative and energetic aspects. ChantWave offers an ever-evolving litany of chants touching thousands of lives and hearts throughout the world.

ChantWave moves between song and silence, interspersed with inspired words and spontaneous healing songs. A playful spirit weaves with reflective depth, reflective of those who are participating.

ChantWave is hosted in various locations and online, led by Michael Stillwater. Frequently featuring guest artists, ChantWave is an experience of musical healing and celebration.

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Recordings of Chantwave include ChantWave at Grace Cathedral (2006) and O Great Spirit (2008)