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Landscape & Nature Photography

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Responses & Testimonials

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"Award-winning filmmaker Michael Stillwater has branched out into nature photography and his new collection is simply stunning. Gorgeous photos of the Swiss alps, countryside and rivers, wildlife, etc. A large print from this collection now graces the front room of my home in the San Juan Islands. Bravo, Michael, for sharing your artistic vision of nature with us all!"
Morten Lauridsen, Composer / Recipient, 2007 National Medal of Arts

"The Stillwater Collection graces the homes and offices of those who feel the healing power of nature through Michael's lens. A wellspring of creativity and multifaceted gem of an artist, Michael creates images of beauty that touch hearts and bring harmony to our lives."
Brian Berman, Sculptor / Artist for Peace

"I thoroughly enjoy viewing Michael's ethereal outlook on the world we live in. His visualization skills are very thought provoking, allowing viewers to connect far beyond the physical realm… and into a spiritual world that impacts his clients in a way they didn't view the world until exposed to his outlook of our beautiful planet...our earthly home."
Richard A. Godby, Professional Photographers of America

"Michael is a true and gifted artist whose sensitivity, intelligence and kindness shine through his work. His photography is a gift to the world."
Shelley Lewis, Founder, Chocolate Sauce Books / Sacred Space NY

"Fantastic work! I love your artistry, the composition, use of light, depth of field. Brilliant!"
John Strickland, Minister, Unity Atlanta / past Chair, Board of Unity Worldwide Ministries

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