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Landscape & Nature Photography

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FAQ   (Frequently Asked Questions)

* How can I see larger size images?

Click any image; most pictures will have an 'enlarge' button in upper-right-hand-corner. To close enlargement and return to gallery, click on 'close button' in lower-right-hand-corner.

* Will I need to purchase a frame separately?

No frame necessary with acrylic mounted prints. The process delivers a lustrous quality print without border or frame, suitable for mounting with built in hanging mount on back of each print.

* I see watermarks on enlarged images in the gallery- are those seen on the print?

No, watermarks are just for digital ID on the web site- they do not appear on the prints.

* Your images would make wonderful greeting cards- are these also available?

Greeting cards of selected images will be available soon; images are currently only available as acrylic prints.

* When I click to view sizes and cost in centimeters and Euros, the prices and sizes seem odd variations, not standard- what is the reason?

The equivalency in Euros and centimeters is based on an auto-computation and are therefore closely approximate.

* How long does it take to receive my print ?

When you order, the printing process is completed in two - three days. Depending on where you live in the world, the shipping time can take three - ten days.

* May I send a print as a gift to another address ?

Absolutely. When you 'Check Out', there is place for billing address and shipping address.

* If I am not satisfied with my print, is a refund possible ?

If the print is damaged in transit, or has a technical flaw, the printing company will arrange a replacement of the print.
If the issue is aesthetic, we cannot refund printing costs once you have placed your order.

* If I want to know more about a specific image, like where the picture was taken, etc., how can I do that ?

Using the contact page, Michael will respond personally to your questions.

* I read on Michael's bio page that he offers personal photographic tours in Switzerland. How can I find out more about this, such as prices, etc. ?

Using the contact page, Michael will respond personally to your questions.

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