Host A Screening of 'Shining Night'

"...a life-changing experience for my choirs and our audience.
Michael Stillwater has captured the essence of Lauridsen's genius
in a film that reminds us of what defines beauty.
'Shining Night' is sure to inspire a generation
of choral musicians and audiences alike."

-Derek Weston, Music Educator and Conductor


Choral Directors, Event Planners and Theater Owners:

Host a screening of 'Shining Night'
combined with or without choral performance,
with or without door charge.


"The screening and concert was absolutely fantastic,
the choir performance outstanding and the film very well received.
Our program was a highlight of the festival!"

-Nicol Matt
Conductor of Lux Aeterna at Mozart Festival
Johannesburg, South Africa


"Volti's screening of Shining Night was a wonderful event,
a shared experience that brought our audience closer
to the process of creating music and thus closer to us.
We feel that seeing it together made us a stronger and more connected community.
It was a very special night that people will be talking about for a long time to come."

-Barbara Heroux, Executive Director
Volti 'Singing Without A Net'
San Francisco, California

These events help to:

• strengthen community singing awareness
• reach new audiences through combining choir with film
• introduce Lauridsen's serene compositions to a new audience of music lovers
• raise funds for your choral group through ticket sales



Screen Shining Night for your choir, club, retreat, congregation or other group
with no attendance cost, ticket or donation collected.

We ask a $100 (US) donation to Song Without Borders (a project of Living Bridges/Green Hospice).
To screen as part of a conference program, please contact us.

Screening Options

Thank you!

Order screening DVD at
Inner Harmony Online



Screen Shining Night with a ticket, entry cost, or donation collected.

A sliding scale screening fee is asked depending on your planned event size.
(If planned for 300 or more, please contact us)

Determine your planned audience size and use the PayPal button.

PayPal organization name is 'Green Hospice'.

This registers your screening event.

Any questions, please email us here.

Thank You!

Planned audience size:
Screening Fee (US $)
Paypal Link:

Blu-ray Disc Version:

For best quality film screening,
we highly recommend the Blu-ray version.
Cost is $35 (plus $5 S&H)

Order here:


or send check to

Song Without Borders
369 Montezuma Avenue #128
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA 87501



For further information
and for event support (film poster, etc.)

or call 503-746-8687

Click here for an updated schedule of screenings.

"Fabulous! We were thrilled by Shining Night,
which took us to to a world we had never been before.
What a treat to get to know Morten Lauridsen with his elegant music and simple life style.
After the showing, 60 singers from two local choirs took the stage. It was fantastic!
To bring your film to our community was one of our most satisfying pleasures."

-Mike and Barbara Getz
Nevada Theater Film Series
Nevada City, California


"The Greater Middletown Chorale was so extremely pleased to be able to present
the Connecticut premiere of Shining Night, and greatly appreciates your generosity and support-
the poster, the trailer, web site support and many letters of encouragement.

As I watched the film's magic sweep over the rapt audience in Wesleyan University's Memorial Chapel,
I was struck with the effect of the film's power and beauty. Following the screening was silence,
then the lights came on and the room burst into applause and rose in standing ovation.
The crowd was so transformed that strangers were speaking and even hugging!
It was as if goodness had spilled down from the screen over everyone.

-Joyce Kirkpatrick
Greater Middletown Chorale, Connecticut

"The film was a wonderful insight into the man.
While it at first appeared daunting to follow the vocal performances in the film,
the immediacy of a live performance really created the total emotional experience
of the beauty of his music. Many of the audience came forward and said that
the entire experience was so moving and brought tears to their eyes."

-Jane Primrose
'Music In The Mountains' Singer
Board Member, Nevada Theater, Nevada City, California




"We are a singing and learning community who believe
music is a passionate experience which transcends notes and text–
to try to reach to the depths of the human soul.
Morten Lauridsen provides us not only with the music, but also the inspiration."

Jo-Michael Scheibe, DMA
Chair and Professor, Dept. of Choral and Sacred Music
The University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music

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