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I N N E R H A R M O N Y . C O M

SongCare is 'living music' serving people by:

• Providing insight on the journey
• Re-writing the lyrics of your life-script
• Enhancing healing processes
• Celebrating relationships and accomplishments
• Honoring and easing transitions from birth to death
• Supporting mediation and peacemaking

For nearly thirty years Michael has been creating and recording spontaneous songs, a unique blend of musical training, intuition, and the artistry of empathic connection. You may:

Schedule your own SongCare session
Schedule your place in a SongCircle
• Organize a SongCircle with others
• Express your own spontaneous song individually or collectively

Michael's ability to create music which speaks to the heart of each extraordinary.
-Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., author, Conscious Living